Research Fields of Interest


<Alpine Timberline Dynamics>

Forest structure, Establishment of trees, Matter production of alder bush, LTER site

<Ecology of Riparian Forest>

Cool-temperate forest (Chichibu Mountains and Sado Island), Monitoring site 1000 Project

Coexistence and Regeneration mechanisms of riparian trees

<Conservation & Management of Riparian Forest>

Plantation, restoration and rehabilitation of riparian forest

<Life-history Strategy of Trees>

Reproductive strategy: Pollination, Seed dispersal, Seed production (Masting)

Sex expression (Dioecy: Actinidia polygama, Androdioecy: Fraxinus platypoda)

Sprouts(Pterocarya rhoifolia, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Acer carpinifolium)

Ecology and management of alien invasive species (Robinia pseudoacacia)